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There Is An Old Saying That Nothing Good In Life Comes Free. This Is True When It Comes To Your Body As Well. Optimal Wellness Requires You To Be A Proactive Agent For Your Body. You Need To Treat It Well And Not Wait Until You Hurt Before You Decide To Take Care Of It. Health Is Not Merely The Absence Of Disease Any More Than Wealth Is An Absence Of Poverty. Health Is Not Simply ‘feeling Fine’, For We Know That Problems May Progress For Years Without Causing Any Symptoms Whatsoever. For Example, Heart Disease Often Progresses Unnoticed For Many Years Before It Rears Its Ugly Head. In Fact, The First Symptom That Many People Experience With Heart Disease Is A Heart Attack Or Death. We Work Hard To Get People To Understand That It Is Much Better To Prevent Disease From Happening In The First Place Than Try To Treat It Once It Occurs. By Creating A State Of Optimal Health Within Your Body, You Will Feel Better, Have More Energy And Have An Increased Quality Of Life. You Will Also Reduce Your Risk Of The Expense And Pain Associated With Getting Hooked Into The Downward Spiral Of Disease And Dependence On More And More Prescription Medications. Now Let Us Be Clear And Say From The Beginning, That We Are Not Pretending To Think That Everyone Who Creates A Wellness Lifestyle Is Going To Be Immune From Pain, Sickness And Disease. We Agree That There Are Many People Who Do Everything Right And Still Get Sick And Die. Some Will Argue That There Are Many People Who Do Everything Wrong And Live Long, Seemingly Healthy Lives.

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